Reducing food waste and food poverty, one great meal at a time


The problem

We throw away seven million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year in the UK, and more than half of this could be eaten. And that’s without the waste from supermarkets, shops and restaurants. And at the same time, there are roughly eight million people in the UK living in food poverty. That’s people like you and me; the homeless, people on low incomes, adults and children going hungry. It seems unbelievable that anyone would struggle to feed themselves and their families in today’s day and age, but they do.

Our solution

To use our skills as chefs of course! We cook great food, and every meal we sell helps us donate a meal to those in food poverty. We use surplus food from our own suppliers, food waste charities and supermarkets and turn it into healthy, nutritious food such as soups and stews, that are distributed to those in need through our network of charities and community groups. If you are interested in donating produce or distributing food, please contact us.

About us

We’re a profits-with-purpose organisation. A community interest company (CIC), our social enterprise catering service provides great food for weddings, private parties, corporate events and festivals. We cook everything from street food to A’la Carte. And every meal we sell helps us donate a meal to those in food poverty. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your catering requirements.

Want to know what makes us tick? Here you go:

It’s all about the cooking: whatever the budget or the occasion, it’s always great food first. No compromise. And that goes for what we give back too.

Profit with a purpose: We put the money that we make to good work. A registered social enterprise, every meal we sell helps us donate food to those in food poverty.

Power in our pocket: By buying local, seasonal produce from suppliers who share our values.

Love thy planet: We’re always looking to reduce our environmental impact. No single-use plastics. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We ask our suppliers to do the same.

Tackling food waste: Through thoughtful buying, clever cooking and utilising surplus food from our network of suppliers, food charities and supermarkets.

Reducing food poverty: By turning that surplus food into hot, nutritious meals for those in need, distributed through our network of charities and community groups.

Paying it forward: The easiest way to tackle food waste and food poverty? Teach people how to cook properly. So that’s what we do, at youth clubs, with scout groups and in the local community.

Be good people: Looking after our staff, valuing our customers, being as polite and friendly as we can. We’re chefs, but we can still be nice.

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